So, on the 6th, I got a videogame called Tomodachi Life for the 3DS, and holy cow, it is probably one of my most ridiculous purchases this year. But it is so fun.

I have sooooooo many photos from this game, here are some below:

HNI 0014

Paint mii like one of your french women.

HNI 0038

So you're gonna throw it below even though you know I absolutely won't be able to catch it.


This just in from Aeolos' dreams.

HNI 0073

Me and Sven are destined for eachother, then?

HNI 0076

Nice try, bucko. Make yo' own sammy.

HNI 0019

We've finally found out Leslie's secret.

HNI 0004

You're eighteen, Aeolos. Do you really want people to think you're older?

HNI 0041HNI 0042

Aeolos, you only say that because you're even shorter than him.

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