Irrelevant title. Monkees TV show has the most annoying theme song on the planet. But yeah.

SO! If anyone doesn't know, my computer has been out for repairs after a devistating virus hit it, wiping out my files and preventing me from using the internet. I've been using my sibs computer so it's been okay for the most part.

Hopefully the computer guys were able to salvage my files. Because if not, I have a lot of writing lost. T_T I was supposed to get it back today, but since the store was closed today, I'm not getting it back until FRIDAY. >.>

Meanwhile I got a bunch of stuff done. I made a family tree for the Boones and Hammonds, mad pictures for Randy Bean, Ian and Lauren O'Toole, made a sketch of Ty the Tasmanian tiger, George Harrison, yeah.

Oh, and I also started a 30 day character thing. 1 drawing of a different character everyday for 30 days. I'm on Day 10.

EDIT: In case you don't know, I got my computer back yesterday.

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