aka Josh

  • I live in England
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is Being me.
  • I am Male
  • Potterfan1997

    So, I'm not dead..?

    I am glad to say I'm very much alive, and I'm looking to join back into the RP. Just I thought I'd explain to you all what happened to me.

    Basically my first lot of final year exams suddenly started approaching so we had to revise and everything and different sessions were happening and this all ate into my free time, considerably so. Anyway, this meant I was unable to spend much time on the internet generally, and as I was already falling a bit behind with the RP, I decided to stop for a while, to help me cope with all the school stuff.

    My exams finished mid-June, however we then went on holiday for a bit and I did have a little look here not long after all of this, however I could see I'd gotten so far behind, I thought …

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  • Potterfan1997

    Millard High RP
    Part 27

    We're onto Part 27 guys! *party poppers go off*

    So our OCs start off at the theme park enjoying the rides, exploring, eating and all that. Now let's RP away :3


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    List for Health Project:

    Gracie, Randy

    Blanky, Jessie, Aidan

    Siobhan, Achimeir, Darren

    Shikoba, Farah

    Castor, Daisy

    Creepie, Dominick

    Craig, Ame

    Chantel, Nathan

    Emette , Storm

    Muhammed , Fern

    AJ , Thomas

    Susan , Sean, Harvey

    Dana , Demetri

    Aeolos, Sara , Criss

    Sven , Laquisha, Adrian

    Samson, Jennifer

    Star-Ella, Steve, Jaazmyn…

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  • Potterfan1997

    Song quote.

    So I was playing Sims 3 and Blanky had sent me a friend request, so I tried to find all of you guys but I think I might have missed some of you. Would you mind posting your Online Sims 3 names on here so I can add you please? My name on there is Josh Potter, btw. Thanks :)

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  • Potterfan1997

    Song Quote.

    So, most of you on here don't go on MSW at all and I've recently started up the SSBB Betting Tourney again on there. Since most of the older users on here participated in that and enjoyed it, I was wondering if you would again. I am aiming to complete this one and here's the link. You're not required to have SSBB or regular check it and that, you just place your bets and at the end of the round, I can notify you of how your doing and whatnot. It would be much appreciated if you do join in! If you refuse to comment on MSW any more or something for some reason, you can post your bets on here and I'll transfer them across :)

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  • Potterfan1997

    Song quote (there's no official video so )

    So I'm back from Germany, and I had a freaking amazing time. It was so much fun and the journey wasn't that bad at all! Imma make a quick, summary of what happened each day.

    Woke up at 4:30 to arrive at the school at 5:10. The bus was supposed to arrive at 5:15, but it didn't ... 5:45 was when it arrived. We weren't happy at all, we were tired, miserable, cold, bored and all that shiz. But after catching up on sleep on the bus journey, plus with us stopping several times and having a fully charged iPod and phone, the journey was actually alright. We arrived at the hostel, sorted out rooms (I was in a dorm with 4 others), had dinner, and played a game of mini football (smaller pitch, smaller goals), …

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