So, I'm not dead..?

I am glad to say I'm very much alive, and I'm looking to join back into the RP. Just I thought I'd explain to you all what happened to me.

Basically my first lot of final year exams suddenly started approaching so we had to revise and everything and different sessions were happening and this all ate into my free time, considerably so. Anyway, this meant I was unable to spend much time on the internet generally, and as I was already falling a bit behind with the RP, I decided to stop for a while, to help me cope with all the school stuff.

My exams finished mid-June, however we then went on holiday for a bit and I did have a little look here not long after all of this, however I could see I'd gotten so far behind, I thought it'd be a nightmare to try and jump back in in the middle of the trip and that. I was then speaking to Blanky the other day and she informed me that now would be a pretty good time to jump back in - so that's what I intend to do :)

I don't really know how to end this so I'm just stop typing now :P

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