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  • Sarasue1

    I did a thing

    July 25, 2015 by Sarasue1

    I know I said I was leaving the RP, but I'm gonna post t5his blog here seeing as here is where you all are for the time being.

    So I was bored, so I randomized some names from this wiki and...

    Imma gonna do the thing.

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  • Sarasue1

    I decided to finally sit down and makes a  list of my sims and they're CC.

    They can all be found in various families on my gallery page, my ID is Sarasue12. Keep in mind, this is not a list of every OC that is available on my gallery, but a list of all the ones that require CC. I will be updating this blog as frequently as possible. If an OC is still missing parts after downloading this CC, it is likely that they are from an expansion pack in which you will have to find your own replacement for.


    Eye Lashes: (Audio Warning)


    Skin: http://kijiko.catfo…

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  • Sarasue1

    Millard High RP (Part 28)

    August 31, 2014 by Sarasue1

    Millard High RP

    >>Part 28

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  • Sarasue1

    (Title Quote fromGrand Finale - Studio Killers. )

    Some of the silliest things can tirgger nostalgia for me. i was watching the most recent episode of Peanutbutter Gamer and I was just chillin' and watching. Now he uses video game BMGs as the background music for his own videos, and most I either recognize and pass off, as they are used quite often in videos (like mario or final fantasy music) or I just don't recognize it. But this time, I was watching and I heard music that I recognized right away. It was a track from Maplestory  

    Yes Maplestory. It's a game that played years ago and have had on my computer since, but for the longest time, I hadn't touched it. Hereing this tune flooded my mind with memories of grand adventures on a 2-D plane…

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  • Sarasue1

    (EDIT: I originally made this post on the forums, but upon inspection, I thought it would be a better idea to use on a blog that has a reply for the comments. Sorry for the inconvenience to those who have already posted on the forum post.)

    So when making a character, I've noticed that I come up with a lot of concepts about them that, while may never be of any important to a whole story, make the character feel that much more real because they're there. Recently I found one of those character development worksheets online on a wordpress blog . I thought it would be interesting for us to do. A nice little workout of our creative powers and a test of the consistency of our character's personalities.

    I'll even have the original image here for q…

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