Alrighty guys, long time no blog. I just made a blog today to announce the 3rd novel that I'm writing. It's a horror novel but even if you don't like that kind of stuff, I'd ask that you please give it a try for me. 

The story is called 'Necrosis Mansion' and it plays on the same theme as an RP I made a while back that died called 'Corpse Mansion RP.' That RP didn't take off to well, nor did I feel that enacting my story that way would give me the satifaction I'm looking for. I'm going to put an end to making RPs about semi-canon stories and instead, I'm just gonna write about them. Besides, role plays with large over arching storys no longer appeal to me. I'd much rather do short little RPs like the ones you'd do on tumblr. I've found I enjoy doing those a lot more. No limits on time, plot or character interaction.

But back to the novel, I have finished chapter the first to chapters, which you can read here;

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

In other news, I am reopening the RP blog I have for one of my characters, which you can find here.

There I will be answering asks either through simple text or I'll even draw you an answer. I'll also do normal role playing. So I hope you decide to hop on there and chat me up a bit. 

I am also in the process of making a simaler blog for all my other OCs which I will also answer my asks in drawn format. The blog has already been created but it's not quite finished so you'll have to hold on a bit for that.

So there you go, that's what I've been messing around with in the last month or so. Sorry for not being very active recently, but as you can see I'm kinda doing a lot of things for myself.

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