So yeah I am stealing making another game today. It's a lot like Blanky's question blog which she stopped doing where you pick a character and answer the questions as them. Well I want to do that again but a bit different. Instead of asking questions, I'm going to have them react to certain situations. Just pick a character and answer the things below.

1. You are walking along when a suddenly a vortex opens besides you and the car from Back to the Future appears. The door opens and a future version of you sais "[Insert Character name], get in! I need you to save the world."

2. You're walking alone again and suddenly you see a person who looks just like you, but as if the colors were inverted.

3. You wake up one morning and you are the opposite gender.

4. You put on your shoe and you are bitten by and insect that was in there. You dump out you're shoe to see and insect unlike any you've seen before crawl out and run off.

5. You wake up with a new super power.

6. You wake up in a hospital with your family over you crying, saying that you've been in a coma for 6 months.

7. Your brain is put in a robot body.

8. You become trapped in an alternate reality.

9. It's not the apocalypse and everything is going to shit.

10. You become the main character to your favorite game or TV show.

11. You're locked inside the mall.

12. You wake up and you are now 10 years older.

If you have any more ideas for questions, please tell me.

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