Oh you abridged series' and your quotes the make me laugh even at the millionth time I've used it.


I need desicion help with a desicion. I need a new icon. What shall it be?


1. Kouta Tsuchiya from Baka and Test


2. Yuuri Shibuya from Kyo Kara Moah


3. Death The Kid from Soul Eater


4. Kida Masomi


In other news I can't wait for summer vacation which is in 2 weeks! 2 WEEKS YO! I can't believe it's that close already. And also the week we get out is just before my birthday weekend to! I'm sooooo exited! But next week is what I'm REALLY existed for. Monday I get my t-shirt I tie-dyed with my class last fiday. I don't know weather I should post a pic of it when I get it though cause it has my schools name on it. Tuesday my 2nd hour class is going out to eat at an all you can eat place. And finally Wendsday is our Worlds of Fun trip. Worlds of Fun is an amuzment park in Kansas City Missouri. It's quite a ways away from my school meaning there wil be a long drive home. I am gonna wanr you guys now I may not be online till real late wensday unless I can find internet access long enough on my 3DS. Even though I'll probably be enjoying the rides to much to bother with it.

So when do you guys get out?

Bad News

My speakers finally crapped out on my, like any electronic that was ever plugged into any outlet of my old house. So now I am stuck attatched to my computer by the headphones I have to use to lisen to videos and games. It sucks. but I may be getting a new set sometime soon which will be awesome.

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