So yerah... name.


So like, wensday, this REALLY gorgeous blue eye'd husky walked into our yard. He bugged are weener dog a bit. Well let our dog in and hoped the dog would go away, He didn't. For two days straight he hung out outside our porch. My mom took a picture of him and posted on facebook that there was a missing dog with a coller. Wondered who it belonged too. Eventually we found out the owner is this man who doesn't take care of his animals and that this dog has been roaming around town since Sunday. Well, my mom let him in. Surprisingly he is a very obiediant dog and is already house trained. My mom is thinking of making him our new pet. My Weener dog's a tad jealous though.

No School Next monday.

Yeah.... look up.

Sims 3

So I heard alot of people are complaining Sims 3 Showtime expansion. Because it's supposedly a 'Late night Part 2.' Do any of you who play sims think that about it?


Okay so Kat was wanting put my new character in the RP as a teacher/Intern/Segratary/Para type person. This is him;


His name is Zack Liston.

F U Skyrim!

So I got Skyrim over Christmas and it's a game I've been excited about for a long time. So when I finnally got is I was all like "WAAAAAAH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Excitedflippy.gif HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Then I popped it in. Not only did it take 3 FRIKKIN HOURS to install but when I finally did, even though my computer met ALL the system requirements.... the game is slow as heeeellllllllll! It's sooo laggy, I can't even play it. Plau the interface is glitchy and won't show up. And last time I played, the whole damnthing crashed and shut down! 50 bucks down the f****ing drain!

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