So, I'm making this blog of of pure boredom.

Take a looks at this thing. What do you see? Here's a new article about it. This is going on in my town right now and I think it's the stupidest idea ever. And even if you do know my town name now, don't try to come here, we got rednecks with guns. Lotsa guns.

I also finished putting out some of my Sims 3 sims on the exchange, you know, the updated versions. They have CC and store items on them but I'm sure you could find a replacement for them.

Also I made a smiley. MasomiThumb {{MasomiThumb} } For those times that you can rack up enough enthusiasim to do Greatjob.gif or even Awesomejob.gif

ALSO I found a voice for Demetri though isn't already one of my other OCs after long search. (Listen to the grey haired boy)

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