In 5 days from this post. Next Wensday, I start school. I won't be on as often anymore and I will try my best to keep up with RPs at school with my 3DS but I still won't be able to do it very well. Hopfully RPs will be slow while I'm gone but I doughbt it since a lot of you are still on summer vacation so this will really suck. Also I'm not sure what times I will be on. The maximum time I may be gone and scroon is from 6:00 to 4:30 central Standard time at the max hopefully.

Also in other news I'm planning on doing another RP on my wiki. I know there's already a ton there already but this one my be fun and I may wait till one dies first. Basically it's simaler to an RP WiiManiac did at one time on the MySims wiki. It's an RP about alternate dimension versions of our OCs. Now the RP can either be about the exact opposite version of our OCs, or our OCs if a major event in they're life went differently. What do you think. If I do it would you join?

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