Summer Vacation?

Well, summer vacation as reached the point where it is boring and I have nothing to do. This is sad cause it's so early into the break. I don't know why but I've just been... sitting here. I want to watch anime and work on projects I just..... haven't.... I need too but I am even becoming lazy about being lazy. Huh.....

My Wiki Is a Total bust. :(

I'm not trying to sound selfish but it kind of makes me sad that this wiki for whatever reason has had more social activity then the Wonderous Wiki. I made the wiki as a social place for people to hang out and RP freely with out having to stay in the boundries of a certain wiki's subject.And yet no matter how much I promote the place to you guys and beg you to go there more often, it just sits there mepty all day. That's not what I want. Here we are kind of restricted tword Millard High related activities, but there, we're not. I don't understand what this place has that I can't give to mine. We can all hang out on that wiki's chat just as easily as we can hang out there.. I'm just so lonely you know? If you do want to check it out it's right here. Just keep that tab open like you do this one. Maybe. Please?


I have a lot of art projects I need to work on. So once they're finished expect to see a lot more pictures coming. I'm still trying to think of the 'one picture' that I can put on deviantart. I don't want to post normal character profiles there anymore. I need something I consider spectacular to put up there. No such luck.


I am also STILL working on chapter 2 of my unnamed novel that for now I am calling 'Kristine Rox Story'. Though I am a tad bit stuck on naming so I am asking for assistance on it. I first of all need a name for the story. Seeing as it is the misadventure of my band of OCs (Ibby, Marc Liz and Kristine) being told through Kristine's eyes about the things they do on a quest to stop the Shadow Lord. Also is a half Comedy and halve Mystery-Horror. And I need a ral name not some hilarious knock off name of some other thing. I also need names for a few of the gangs in town including the gang of demons.

Well Yeah that's all I wanted to say.

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