Yes random blog title. Anyways, my dad is getting me Sims Medieval and Sims Medieval:Pirates and Nobles for Christmas. He's gonna return Sims 3: Town Life Stuff on Saturday because he says he can only get me two games for Christmas ((I'll get Town Life Stuff for my birthday then)). Also, my uncle is getting me Sims 3 Pets: Limited Edition for Christmas though I read that the game may have glitches with the Create-A-Pets feature and can cause custom content to disappear. So I'm not sure what'll happen so I'll find out once I get it.

Also, my 9th Period Journalism class is really awesome. There are only 6 kids (5 kids+ me= 6) there and they barely make noise. It's also the only class where I act random. So basically, I want to create a story. If you can, give me suggestions so I can what I may write (at least during the weekends).

So yeah later.

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