So on Wednesday June 25th, I had my graduation ceremony at 4 pm (the other three school academies were on at different times). Afterwards, I went out to eat with my family and relatives for my big accomplishment (it was a "all you can eat" buffet once you paid for it first.) Once we were done, I went back to my relatives' house until 10 pm or so.

Yesterday, I had to go to my school to get my diploma in the morning. After, we went to Target. Then I walked to McDonald's with my older cousin and my little sister. Then we went to the mall to drop my cousin off for her work shift. And we had to stay awhile...

Which was why I couldn't RP during the time. So yeah I'm pretty glad I graduated. Well time to spend my summer break in peace.

Also: I'm leaving for Florida with my dad and sister by the first week of July and will be back after two weeks. Hopefully there will be Wi-Fi over there but if not, then I'll see you guys after I get back.

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