I am finally making a come back to Millard High and I have some new characters. With as always my old characters. You must be wondering why do they all have crazy hair colors and the answer is that I wanted to make a whole bunch of neon colored characters. They will not stay this way and I have already made the new versions that will be shown later. All biographies and other details I will post when I add the new characters to the Millard High RP

Neon Armonia:

Armonia Lagasta (neon)

Neon Liebe:

Liebe Lagasta (neon)

(new character) Katrin Peterson:

Katrin Peterson (neon)

(new character) Eric Jenson:

Eric Jenson (neon)

(new character) Isabella Belstin:

Isabella Belstin (neon)

(new character) Penelope Vendelome:

Penelope Vendlome (neon)

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