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    ^The basic concept of my day.


    So me and my friend Zack randomly started a band called Nails In Their Eyes. We just started and need a bassist. And our lead guitarist is Zack, I sing, and our drummer is this guy named.... Zach. :o So yes, that is all. But if you're in NJ and play bass (or guitar, because a rhythm guitarist would also be nice) it'd be nice if you can contact any of us. O.O

    Basically, I spent a while stalking this band called Maximum the Hormone. They're a metal band. They're awesome. Look them up. Join me in stalking them.

    You know that story I put on Quizazz? Yeah, fuck that. I'm making a new one. It has even more students, and Cordell and the guys in that story aren't in it, a different teacher, epic-er weapons, and bett…

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    That's hot.

    March 9, 2012 by SpecialAgentKat

    So... it's been an eventful week. I'm going to explain my inactivity. Basically, I started dating this chick, but then she started acting all pissy and shit and I found out this one guy I've liked for a couple years likes me.... I'm with him now, I broke up with the chick. And she was also like, my best friend, and now she's ignoring me. So it's a bit messed up. And then yesterday there was that shooting in the mall near me, that I usually troll the people who work at Hot Topic, Zumiez, and Tilly's. And that was my melodramatic week. Oh, and I headbanged my locker, threatened to stalk the art teacher, and weirded out the math teacher, Mr. G. Whee?

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    I'm watching Hellsing right now... being bitten by Alucard doesn't sound like a bad way to die... Mmmm....

    I'll hopefully be putting a video up on my channel soon.

    Anyway, now the reason I made this.

    Me and a few friends were talking about what would happen if we were in the zombie apocylypse when we were at lunch. We all immediately said we'd sacrifice Cordell first, so we decided we'd start working on a story where Cordell dies first.

    We went with a Battle Royale/Hunger Games/Lord Of The Flies-esque situation, where we must "kill or be killed." And here's the first part we came up with. We didn't edit or anything or put any sort of effort in it, so it sucks, but here is how it looks like right now. I don't know if we'll actually ever fix it,…

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    January 20, 2012 by SpecialAgentKat

    //nolife. Multi-topic blawgg~


    So Devon found three Civics textbooks from like, the sixth grade in his room, and we're going to make a video with them. Because we friggin' CAN.

    So a little while ago, Jaysa went to the MALL. *le gasp* And she was randomly standing in the mirror trying to imitate Kira's evil laugh for whatever reason, and she was watching her "epic Light faces" in the mirror. And then a little after that, we realized how ridiculous our friend Zack's facial expressions are. AND THEN, we were noticing other people's "epic faces," too. So now as soon as posssible, we're doing another video with Zack, Devon, and Jaysa about our facial expressions OF DOOM and the stories behind him.

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  • SpecialAgentKat

    HELLO AGAIN!! I was bored, so.... I am listing my character's voices here. Whee.

    • Kat: (Cathy Weseluck) 1, 2, 3
    • Jaazmyn: (Pink) [1]
    • Graciela: (Tata Young) 1, [2]
    • Devon: (...Devon Savage) 1, 2, [3]
    • Conny: (Jennifer Hudson) 1
    • Zion: (Chris Carrabba) 1
    • Orion: (Eddie Vedder) [4]
    • Scotto:(Alessandro Juliani) 1[ 2], 3
    • Zach: (Tim McIlrath) 1, 2
    • Mike: (Cam Clarke) 1, 2
    • Gianna: (Hayley Williams) 1, 2
    • Airat: ...none yet. I CAN'T FIND!!

    So... yeah... I hate Graciela's so much but it fits.


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