I'm watching Hellsing right now... being bitten by Alucard doesn't sound like a bad way to die... Mmmm....

I'll hopefully be putting a video up on my channel soon.

Anyway, now the reason I made this.

Me and a few friends were talking about what would happen if we were in the zombie apocylypse when we were at lunch. We all immediately said we'd sacrifice Cordell first, so we decided we'd start working on a story where Cordell dies first.

We went with a Battle Royale/Hunger Games/Lord Of The Flies-esque situation, where we must "kill or be killed." And here's the first part we came up with. We didn't edit or anything or put any sort of effort in it, so it sucks, but here is how it looks like right now. I don't know if we'll actually ever fix it, but whatever.... try to enjoy. :o

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