Four more ideas for the RP.


It sorta annoys me that some periods are longer than others in the RP and that the RP is going pretty slowly. Like, it takes us weeks just to do an RP day. I had a bit of a strange idea that we could limit periods to a certain number of comments. How would we make parentheses comments then? We could make another blog to tell someone they did something wrong or something. Or, we could only have parentheses comments on main-space comments. What do you guys think?


I think we should have character profiles for staff members, too. Their articles are really short and stuff so I think that would be a good idea.


I also think we should get rid of the subject part of the character template because that's already listed in their role. Not vice versa because some staff members (like Helena and Ted) don't teach subjects.


Blanky & I think we should get rid of Astronomy because it's really just apart of science, and we have that already. I know some of you might say that all we do in science is labs so we should keep Astronomy, but maybe we should start actually teaching things in science.

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