We're going to have this little thing on the front page called "Featured Quote", except it doesn't have to be a quote; it can be a whole scene. For example, this would be a quote:

  • Wow Wow Wubzy: ewhqgfOIWEJEGVVWGJ122

...And this would be a scene:

  • Spongebob: Patrick?
  • Patrick: Yes, Spongebob?
  • Spongebob: I just peed my squarepants.

See what I mean? For featured quote, I would like to nominate this scene:

  • Nova: *drunkily walks to the principal's office* Aww, come on, Vlad. There's no problem with a teachah gettin' drunk! And do you want to go out some time, and perhaps make-out?
  • Mr. Antivio: There's a problem if your drunk when you're a friggin' teacher! And no, I will never ever go out with you, maybe when pigs become extinct, but the lord knows you'll be dead by then!
  • Nova: So what are you saying!?!?!
  • Mr. Antivio YOU'RE FIRED!

You may nominate as mandy quotes/scenes as you like. You may begin nominating. :3

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