So I was making a world in The Sims 3 and I want it to be based off of the town Millard High is in. So... if you have The Sims 3 please post the families (I would prefer if the students of Millard High were teens) in the comments so we can put it together. We also need lots and stuff. I think when it's finished it will be fun to play around with Millard High and stuff. Ohdear.png

Characters Status

  • Boone Family - Leslie, Daisy, Robert, Sean, and Jeanne - Need House and Sean To Be Made
  • Montgomery Family - Patricia (Leslie and Daisy's grandma) - Need House
  • Impertinent-Howard Family - Mandy, Sandy, Andy, Lynn, and Edward - Complete
  • Impertinent Family - Lacey (Mandy, Sandy, and Andy's aunt) - Need Apartment
  • Howard Family - Jess, Drew, and Gramps - Complete
  • McRye-Rox Family - Robert, Crystal, Jessie, Jacob, and Jeremy - Not Even Started
  • Winter Family - Bob, Sarasue, Izzy, Nathan, and Ibby - Not Even Started
  • Marshall Family - Isabella, Amanda Jane, Sir Charles, and Rosalyn - Need House
  • Cull-Dumitru Family - Elmira, Mira, Barney, Jamie, Ame, and Fern - Unknown
  • Skyler-Müller-Vogue Family - Sheryl, Ewan, Sky, David, Carter (needs to be aged up into a young adult), Shirley, and Megan - Needs House
  • MacGee Hag Ghost Witch Family - Fatty, Johanna, Helga, Helena, Lisa, and Lily - Need Lisa and Lily


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