Hai guys it's the girl in class that you never really fucking like. I made this blog to make a list of Millard students accounts so we all won't get confused during the damn chat room. Please give a shoutout on your accounts so I can put your name on the list.

  1. WilPark208 (Darren/Jessie)
  2. Secretive13 (Amanda Jane)
  3. Pirate Party Girl (Ame)
  4. JessicaLlamaworth (Jess)
  5. ThatStylishKoreanChick (Chantel-me)
  6. RiverStyx (Dominick)
  7. BlankyXP (Blanky)
  8. DeathlyDragonborn66 (Emette)
  9. ItsSamson106 (Samson)
  10. Pleasant-Valley-Sundaes (Aeolos/Annie)
  11. Gracie1234 (Gracie)
  12. Halfway to Sanity (Megan)
  13. FailedToRise (Kat)
  14. Wiseman83 (Dylan)
  15. PeaceOut12 (Michael)
  16. GreenThumb101 (Fern)
  17. Iona123 (Iona)
  18. GuitarHero01 (Raphael)
  19. CascadaQueen344 (Mercedes or Merci the bitch)
  20. GoldenCrazyGal (Haleema)

Start freaking comments and BTW, is anyone else freaked out that all our infomation about us is on the freaking internet O_O?

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