Darren, Chantel, and I would like to say a fuck of a lot of praises about Millard High.

Why Millard High is so awesome:

  1. Mrs. Grimes is hottest lady in school.
  2. The school getting flooded by the swimming pool was the most awesomest thing that even happened to us.
  3. We can have Llama parties every day!
  4. Morobus is the man!
  5. All the teachers in Millard High are the coolest teachers ever!
  6. Getting snow in during Xmas break was fun! ( Oh wait that wasn't that school related thing.)
  7. We're actually thankful that the school didn't explode or got destoryed.
  8. Yay for our stuff getting confiscated! The school really gives a shit about our safety.
  9. Cooking class is actually fun with our epic cooking teacher.
  10. We love Mercedes and Natasha. You all should really be more nicer to them.

Signed, April Fools... the day praise the hell out of this school is the day we suddenly drop dead and people spit on our graves.


Chantel, Darren, and Jessie 

(( If you guys did know and you probably did because the title is obvious. It's my attempt of an April Fools joke which fails. Plus we need a more postive blog and today would be a perfect day to do it.))

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