The Wong Family is a predominantly Chinese family. Both Fu-han and Lijuan Wong were born and raised in China; however, they did not meet until after immigrating to America. They have three children; Kayla, Mia, and Toby.

Fu-han WongEdit

Fu-han Wong

Fu-han Wong is the husband of Lijuan Wong and the father of Kayla, Mia, and Toby. A retired infantry unit in the US military, Fu-han is a smart and resourceful man with a knack for fixing weapons and machinery. Currently, Fu-han is still working in the military, but instead as a supply and warehousing manager. He gets along well with the rest of his family, especially his son Toby, who often confides with him.

Lijuan WongEdit

Lijuan Wong

Lijuan Wong is the wife of Fu-han Wong and the mother of Kayla, Mia, and Toby. From a young age, she has always been passionate about cooking, and passed this on to her daughter, Mia. An upright perfectionist, she's very meticulous about the ingredients she uses in her cuisine, knowing from top to bottom what is or what isn't quality. Currently, she is working as one of the head chefs at a four-star restaurant.

Kayla WongEdit

Kayla Wong

Kayla Wong is the eldest daughter of the Wong family. She is an aspiring makeup artist, even owning a YouTube channel where she showcases videos of her different makeup techniques. She gets along well with Mia; the two often read fashion magazines and go shopping together at the mall. Generally, Kayla is friendly and talkative, but she can be a bit selective with her friends, as she's had many bad experiences and betrayals throughout her life. She may come off as a bit snobbish to those who don't know her well, as a result. Currently, she is in college studying cosmetology, also working part-time as a receptionist at a spa.

Mia WongEdit


See: Mia Wong

Mia Wong is the middle daughter of the Wong family. Sweet, friendly, and kind, Mia is an easy person to like, although she can be rather ditzy. She has many acquaintances and friends, gets along with many people, and has no enemies in particular. A bit of a hopeless romantic, she falls head-over-heels quite often over men, and loves indulging herself in a good romance novel. Mia is also an excellent cook; she hopes to one day become a five-star cook.

Toby WongEdit

Toby Wong

Toby Wong is the youngest son of the Wong family. He's just a good, modest kid with a nice upbringing. It's hard to dislike him. Although he's not as much of a troublemaker as most of his friends, he's not exactly a kiss-up either. He has a passion for skateboarding, and idolizes Tony Hawk. For the most part, he also does well in school.

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