Yolanda Calhoun

Character Info Edit

Age 24
Role Health Teacher
Friends None
Enemies None
Controlled By Shared Control

Yolanda Calhoun is the school's new health teacher replacing the former health teacher. She has been only a teacher one year in a different school district. Yolanda took the job as an replacement teacher for the health class. Yolanda is mostly loved by the male students because her beauty which is not even known to her. It is rumored that the school only hired her because of her looks.

Unlike the some of the other staff, she cares for the students' well-bring and tries to always look on the positive side to situations ( even through she is very scatter brained and naive sometimes). Yolanda doesn't like how some of the negative staff treat the students so she tries to take the motherly approach to her teaching and guidance. She believes this will help try to make the students' school experience more tolerable.

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