The Yoshida Family is a middle-uperclass, Japanese-American family known for moving back and forth between Japan and America due to the father, Sachiro Yoshida's well paying, but demanding job. Because of this, the family actually owns two homes, often leasing one of them out during the time they are gone.

Soichiro YoshidaEdit


Soichiro - Although loud and intimidating, due to his brutish appearance, Sachiro is actually rather intelligent and disciplined. He has a well paying job that causes to have to move his family back and forth from Japan to America, often at inconvenient times for his wife and son.

He expect a lot from his son, often too much at times. While he is happy that Dylan has excelled in many of his classes, he still wishes that he would've entered some kind of sport related activity.

Hunney YoshidaEdit


Hunney - A young American woman who is obsessed with her appearance and people's opinions of her. Although she is only part of an upper middle class family, her personality seems to be a miss of aristocratic and southern belle. She has a tendency to act selfish and be a bit air-headed.

She met Sachiro many years ago when he had visited America on a trip during his 12th grade year of high school, where they fell in love and proceeded to send each other letters and exchange phone calls until a few years later when Sachiro could actually move to America with her.

Hunny was the one to give Dylan his rather English sounding name, much to her husbands protest. Unlike Sachiro, she does not put as much pressure on Dylan to do well in school. She finds his obsession with cleaning to be strange, but she certainly does not complain about not having to do most of the house work thanks to him.

Dylan YoshidaEdit


Dylan - Due to being American/Japanese and constantly moving back and forth between the two countries, Dylan not only has an odd name as a result, but is also fluent in both English and Japanese. Unfortunately, due to these circumstances, Dylan is treated as a foreigner no matter which country he stays in. Because of this, while personally he enjoys staying in Japan more, Dylan does not have any real patriotism towards either country.

He has a shaky relationship with his father, who is constantly demanding more from him than he can actually achieve, but he is very close to his mother, despite her rather obnoxious personality. Due to his OCD when it comes to cleanliness and organization, he does most of the cleaning around the house.


  • Sachiro actually has brown eyes.
  • Hunny it took Hunny quite a while to learn basic Japanese. She still tends to botch translation from time to time.

Other PicturesEdit


Yoshida family portrait.

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