Zach Liston

Character Info Edit

Age 27
Role Substitute Teacher
Friends None
Enemies None
Controlled By Partially by Sarasue1

For full article, see here; Wonderous Wiki: Zach Liston.

     Zach Liston is a substitute teacher for Millard High. He is a cowardly person due to social anxiety and recent tramatic experiences. Being one of the only hired subs, he is called in quite often and is occasionally assigned to chaparone school events. His first few days working there proved to be trying on his nerves but as he grew more accustom to the craziness, he was a bit calmer, even applying for a full time job after several teacher firings. Because of his anxiety and general negitive attitude, he gave up a dream of being a famous musician, despite being quite good at the guitar, singing and song-writing. After giving up, he turned to substitute teaching as a way to have an 'actual job' and make income. The aura of bad luck the seems to linger over him has made him a pretty negitive person in general. 

Due to a tramatizing experience a few years before arriving to Millard High, Zach has a peculiar fear of aliens and extraterrestrials. Seeing them or refrencing them can trigger full on panic attacks. Though, he won't deny he was interested in them before the incedent.


  • Zach's dominate hand is his left, but he's abedextrious when it comes to playing the guitar, being able to do it either way.
  • He has a son, but refused to talk about him with students.
  • He used to be in a band when he was in high school, even playing for the school during his junior year, however, they all separated after high school, most not even interested in persuing music anymore.
  • Zach's music style is very much indie and alternitive rock.

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